Erection Day

Most people in Korea had the day off yesterday for election day.  This includes most teachers, so I went downtown with a couple of friends to do a bit of Christmas shopping and try some new food.  The shopping was a bust because it was insanely busy in all of the stores, but the food was excellent and we had a great time.

The original plan was to find a restaurant that served live octopus, called san-nak-ji (산낙지), but that didn’t work out.  Most of the family owned restaurants were closed because of the election, so we had to find something different to eat.  Fortunately, Adam (USA) knew of a Japanese restaurant that is tucked away in a quiet alleyway near the center of downtown Daegu.

The owner is an old Japanese man.  The restaurant looks and feels totally Japanese (in my uninformed opinion).  The table was set with wooden chopsticks (instead of Korean metal chopsticks) and all of the dishes looked quite different from Korean dishes.

Japanese Food 2

Japanese Food 3

Japanese Food 1

The bottom picture is a bowl of Katsudon (カツ丼), a Japanese dish that is popular in Korea.  Katsudon consists of rice, vegetables, meat (usually chicken or pork) and cheese.  It is one of my favorite dishes now.  The one pictured above was the best I’ve had yet.

We spent the rest of the day searching, unsuccessfully, for Christmas presents.  Every store and shopping center downtown was absolutely packed with people who had the day off for the election.  Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

Until next time.


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3 thoughts on “Erection Day

  1. Detetiv says:

    Uh Taft, not sure if you did that on purpose but this post is titled Erection Day. Did you mean to title this post Election Day? 0-o;

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