The New School

What a change from last year! I’m enjoying my new living arrangement. Elementary school is wonderful so far and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks exploring two new neighborhoods. This is a big turnaround from my last semester at my old school, which I simply did not enjoy.

I decided to wait a while before taking pictures of my new school. I was a bit hesitant to stroll around an elementary school with a camera before people knew that I am a teacher. I know that I’m thinking too much like an American in this situation, but I don’t love the idea of neighborhood thinking I’m a pedophile casing the joint. I finally felt comfortable enough to snap a few photos yesterday after lunch.

Sinseo Elementary School

This is my new school: Sinseo Elementary School (신서초등학교). The building on the left is one of the two main school buildings. The one on the right is the new gym. The old gym, which was located on the fifth floor of the third building that you cannot see, is directly above my office. I learned earlier this week that it is still in use when I heard what sounded like stampedes followed by blood-curdling screams all afternoon. The gym teacher told me later that the fourth graders were playing tag.

My new office isn’t particularly nice, but I don’t mind. I’m as far as possible from the rest of the teachers. The administration office, principal’s office, main teachers’ office and faculty room are in a separate building. I have all of the privacy I could want.

New Office

The only downside to all that privacy is the fact that I might bleed out next time I smack my head on the low-hanging TV that is inexplicably located directly over my office chair, always waiting to split my wig. Fortunately, pain is an excellent teacher, and I’ve significantly reduced the number of times I smack my gourd each day.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “The New School

  1. Chris says:

    I am glad you are liking our new position! Have fun.

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