Kimbap Selling People

I have become something of a kimbap connoisseur over the past year. For those who don’t know, kimbap is a Korean dish that looks like a sushi roll. In my old neighborhood I had a favorite kimbap shop that I visited every day. When I moved a few weeks ago, I began looking for a new place to frequent. I found a decent kimbap shop near my school a few days ago. The woman who runs the restaurant is very nice and the food is good. The best thing about this place is the name.


Like many Korean businesses, this name doesn’t leave much to the imagination. 김밥 파는 사람들 translates to “Kimbap Selling People.” Frankly, I find Korean business names refreshing. With the exception of some nightclubs, you know exactly what a place is offering before you step inside. If the name isn’t something like “Toast” or “Noodle Restaurant” (both near my apartment), then there is a giant dancing cartoon pig or chicken painted on the sign. The only exception to this, according to one of my new roommates is a 보신탕 (dog soup restaurant). The signs for these places don’t have dancing cartoon dogs – just pictures of lush meadows and rolling hills. This makes me wonder what I’ve been adding to my ramen noodles lately when I steal his mystery meat from the freezer. Until next time. -Taft

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