Planning for Summer

Last week I learned my vacation dates for this summer. Unlike last year, when my school waited until the last minute to decide my vacation schedule, I have the luxury of planning ahead.

My goal for this year is to see more of the world. That means it will be important to strike a balance between time spent relaxing and traveling. Budget will also be a major factor in my planning as I’ve done a poor job of saving since winter vacation.

Southeast Asia is where I want to go. Although I don’t have my heart set on any one place, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia are my at the top of my list. This is because of their reputations for being beautiful vacation spots as well as the incredibly low prices for food and lodging. Another benefit of traveling in this area is the affordable train system that connects several different countries.

Image taken from here.

Image taken from here.

This vacation, I want to do something I’ve never done before – travel without a plan. My incessant need to plan while traveling makes it difficult for me to have a real adventure. I think it’s time to travel by the proverbial seat of my pants. After searching airfares for a couple of days, here’s what I’ve got:

Travel Map

None of this is a sure thing yet, but a plan is starting to come together. I am especially looking forward to the part of the trip during which I can spend a few days simply wandering through an interesting and beautiful part of the world.

If you have any suggestions for fun places to visit or how to travel on a budget, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time.


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7 thoughts on “Planning for Summer

  1. I want to goooo! Id like to meet you in Phuket.

  2. love0080 says:

    I wanna gooooo! Ill meet you in Phuket. I still dream about going back to Thailand.

  3. Ashley says:

    Andy and I did Thailand without a plan and then Cambodia/Vietnam the same way. We only booked the major flights in and out and the first hotel. One thing we discovered, especially in regards to Vietnam… there are many trains but they are SLOW! And the sleeper trains are not comfortable or quiet or even that private. Personally, I recommend buying cheap domestic flights – it’s less romantic but it’s better in the long run. These are really big countries and it would take a large portion of your trip to take the train. Also the flights are cheap, like $50 or so. We often booked the day before.

    Just something to look into 🙂

    • wtl0715 says:

      Thanks for the info, Ashley! I’ll definitely consider flying. You’re right, I don’t want to spend a significant portion of my trip on an uncomfortable train.

      • Ashley says:

        We also found our guidebooks to be really valuable resources. Like I said, we didn’t really plan much, but the books helped us discover where to go, possibly where to stay (tripadvisor is your friend), and schedules for ferries.

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