Queen of Blue Balls

I never heard from her again after last New Years Eve. I knew I must have really pissed her off, but I had no clue what I’d done.

Let’s back up a bit. Last November, I started casually dating a Korean girl. We met at a bar near my apartment and hit it off. She seemed to enjoy my dry humor, which can come off as a bit mean to the uninitiated. But I never seemed to offend her.

Until my joke about her being the queen of blue balls. Apparently that was her limit. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote in the text message, but it (jokingly) alluded to her being a tease, and included the phrase, “queen of blue balls”. I never heard from her again. Ever.

Last night, my roommate Patrick and I were telling war stories about dating in Korea. I told him this story. He pulled out his computer and plugged “blue balls” into Naver Translate, which is the website (and phone app) most Koreans use to translate English into Korean.

Blue Balls

I recognized two of the Korean words in the translation: 성병 and 임질. Just to be sure, I plugged them into Google Translate.

Blue Balls 2

Oh….now I get it. I probably wouldn’t have talked to me again, either.

Until next time.


Note: I have some Korean readers, so if you’re unfamiliar with the term, blue balls DO NOT mean 성병 or 임질. Definition here.

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