Tongyeong Part 2

Earlier this week, in a previous post, I began to tell you about my trip to Tongyeong. We arrived in the afternoon and took a tour of some historical turtle ships. After the turtle ships, we made our way into the traditional market.

In an effort to bypass the crowded main street, we took a detour into what appeared to be a wide drainage path.

Tongyeong Walking Path

What I thought was an open drain turned out to be part of a labyrinth of alleys that crisscross a hill overlooking downtown Tongyeong and the harbor. The paths were steep and winding. After a couple of turns, we began to notice colorful murals on the walls aligning the pathways.

Mural at Tongyeong

After about ten minutes of walking, and a lot of sweating, we reached an open place near the top of the hill.

2013-06-29 18.40.43

The murals became larger and more elaborate as we approached the top of the hill.

2013-06-29 18.42.29

At the top, I was surprised by what we found. Instead of an observation deck or more homes, there were two coffee shops with amazing views of the harbor and surrounding mountains. We sat for over an hour just talking and enjoying the scenery. My only mistake was ordering iced tea from one of the coffee shops. A $4 cup of super-sweet, off-brand powdered tea was a quick reminder that I was still in Korea.

View From the Top

In my next post, I’ll tell you about Day 2.

Until next time.


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