New Driver Stickers

I am not a fan of drivers in Korea. It seems like everyone drives angry, and nobody is aware that there are other people in the world. Stop signs here should read “Stoptional” and red lights are more of a suggestion than a law. Merging into traffic is more like Korean Roulette than a careful maneuver.

But there is one thing about driving in Korea that is really great. New drivers often put a sticker in the back window of their car announcing to other drivers that they are inexperienced. Like “Student Driver” signs in the US, this lets other drivers know to give them a wide berth.

Korean sticker for new drivers.

This sticker reads: “Yes, I’m a new driver.”


Hand made Korean new driver sticker.

This is a hand made Chobo sticker I found yesterday. It reads: “New driver. Please understand.”

The only time this sticker makes me nervous is when I see the big-ass work truck on my street with a New Driver sticker on the back. I’m not sure if it’s a joke or not, but I don’t take any chances. I get the hell out of the way when I see him coming.

This seems like a great policy that should be adopted by drivers in the US. I would be more likely to forgive a rookie mistake on the road if someone had a sticker explaining that they’re a new driver and asking for a bit of patience.

Until next time.


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