The Price is Right – ESL Game

I think I found the best elementary ESL game ever. My 4th grade students are learning about American money, so I made a simple PowerPoint game based on The Price is Right. I thought that some of the kids might enjoy it, but I totally underestimated just how much they would freak over this game. I also had no clue how fun it would be for me.

It’s simple – I show the whole class an item, each team guesses the price, they write their guess on a hand-held whiteboard, and the team with the closest guess to the actual price gets a point.

ESL Game, Elementary school, Korea, fun, English

American dollars is a new concept to these kids, so it was a struggle at first to teach them how to write amounts. This was meant to be 70 cents.

It took one or two turns for the kids to get a handle on the game. Then, they went nuts! The teams usually collude or openly share answers during other games, but they were deadly serious about keeping their guess a secret from the other teams.

I gave each team 30 seconds to make a guess each round. I had a great time walking around and eavesdropping on the teams. Some of the teams surprised me by giving intelligent reasons for their guesses. Others were so far off I couldn’t help but laugh.

When I showed a large Domino’s pizza, I heard: “Only fifteen dollars? Americans are rich. They only eat expensive pizza. How many dollars is 60,000 won?” (That’s $55…so they lost that round).

ESL Game, Elementary school, Korea, fun, English

This team was guessing the price of a Gap t-shirt. They lost, too.

This game was great for two reasons. First, it forced them to use English – I made each team read their guess aloud. Secondly, some of the kids who don’t excel in English were good at guessing prices. A few of the super-shy kids came out of their shells for a while.

ESL Game, Elementary school, Korea, fun, English

The only time the class got quiet during this game was before I revealed the real price of each item.

So, if you’re a teacher (ESL or otherwise) on the lookout for a fun game, this is a great option. It could work well for any level of ESL teaching and would probably be a great game for western elementary students.

If you would like me to send you the PowerPoint, feel free contact me and I’ll send a link to download it.

Until next time.


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