ESL Victory!

It took eight months, but I finally taught the unteachable kid!

Every day when I leave school, one of my third grade students is waiting outside for his mother. Every day, without fail, he greets me. He is a nice kid – always polite. We have the exact same conversation each time:

Student: Hello Taft Teacher. How are you?
Me: I’m good, thanks. How are you?
Student: I’m fine. Where are you going.
Me: I’m going home. See you tomorrow.
Student: Goodbye. Nice to meet you.
Me: No….it’s “good to SEE you.”
Student: Good to SEE you, too.
Me: ….no….you say “good to SEE you.”
Student: Yes. Good to SEE you too,
Me: ….Okay, goodbye.

President Bush is confused. Language, ESL

Every time we had this conversation, I felt exactly like this…

Recently, I realized that my Korean is getting good enough to explain it in Korean for him. About two weeks ago, I gave it a shot. After, I asked if he understood, and he said yes.

The following day, we had the same conversation as always. Apparently he didn’t understand my Korean, or he totally forgot about the conversation. I was frustrated, as you might imagine.

ESL, frustrating, angry baby, frustrated baby

ESL can be this frustrating every day.

Every day, for the next week or two, I explained it to him in English and Korean. I was pretty sure that it was all going in one ear and out the other, until today. After lunch, I saw him in the hall, and he spoke to me. At the end of the conversation, he said, “Okay teacher. Good to…..uhhh….SEE YOU!”

I almost cried. I finally taught something to the unteachable kid. I might even be good at this one day.

Until next time.


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