An Awkward Train Ride

I’m on a train from Daegu to Busan. I just finished writing a post about Korean TV censorship. I don’t have any personal photos appropriate for that topic, so I started searching Google images for ideas. I tried “Korean TV censorship”, “Korean TV smoking”, and several others. I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Next, I looked for photos of blurred nudity on American TV. I searched for “topless woman pixelation”, “nude TV censorship”, and a few others. I got lots of results, but nothing that was quite what I needed. I looked through hundreds of results before eventually deciding to go with a stock photo.

Woman smoking, Korean TV Censor, Pixelation,

This is the image used in my last post.

When I write, I tend to block out the rest of the world. I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around me, but today something snapped me out of it. The two words that brought me back to earth were “외국인” (waygookin) and “변태” (pyeon-tae). These mean “foreigner” and “pervert”, respectively.

I looked around the half-empty car and realized that I am the only foreigner here. I also noticed that the voice went quiet as soon as I popped my head up and looked around. Over my left shoulder, a woman was staring right at me. She ducked down as I made eye contact. She had been watching me search, and it apparently looked to her like I was searching for porn.

Korean woman, train, blog post, porn

She has an unobstructed view of my seat. She thinks I’m looking for porn.

It bothers me when I hear about Koreans believing that all foreigners are dirty and sex-crazed pedophiles. I try to be mindful of that preconception when I am in public. I’m not sure I did the foreign community any favors today. I certainly can’t blame her for looking at me like a creep.

Until next time.


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6 thoughts on “An Awkward Train Ride

  1. Patrick Moser says:

    But you are a pervert………..

  2. Jermaine McCain says:

    Taft you should have SMACK her like you did me in the 3rd grade when I thumped your ears before lunch…I remember Roddy looking at me like “damn Jermaine what you do” as you turned back around and waited in line as if nothing happened. My face stung for a least 2 days! Hope all is well brotha.


    • wtl0715 says:

      Haha, that would have been classic. I’d be seeing everybody at home a lot sooner if I did that – they would deport the hell out of me. But it might be worth it to see the look on her face.

      Anyway, I hope you’re doing well back in NC. Have a great weekend!

  3. Jermaine McCain says:

    I meant to put I thumped your ears…lol

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