The Girly Gangster

In Korea, we don’t have hoopties with wannabe gangsters blaring rap music. I never imagined that those idiots would be preferable to another country’s brand of punks. Sadly, I was wrong.

Korea’s version of the fake gangster ride is a motorcycle with super loud exhaust and a sound system strapped to the front. You can hear the engine revving from a few blocks away. Shortly thereafter, you’re treated to blaring bubble-gum music – usually Justin Beiber, girly club music, or a Korean girl band. There are always at least two Korean guys in their late teens or early twenties riding it up and down the streets near the university beside my apartment.

Korea - Motorcycle with speakers

There are two of these atrocities in my neighborhood. The one pictured above and an all pink one. These bikes are definitely in the running for the least manly “cool” ride on earth. Yesterday was the first time I saw one parked. I fantasised kicking it over or breaking the speakers, but I decided that the satisfaction wouldn’t be worth deportation….or getting my ass kicked by a gang of high school kids.

Maybe one day I’ll be quick enough on the draw to take a video for you.

Until next time.


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