Bob Burger

I’m a fat girl at heart, so I tend to eat my feelings. I’ve been a little down today, so I started my day with food from a new restaurant near my school. I’ve been wanting to try a rice burger since a bunch of similar shops started popping up around my neighborhood a few months ago.

Korea - New Business - Bob Burger

The business name is “뚱’s 밥 버거”, which means Dung’s Bob Burger.

In Korean, “Bob” (밥), means rice. Normally the English spelling for 밥 is “Bap”, but it seems like all of the rice burger shops use this alternate spelling.

The menus in these places are all basically the same. Each burger combines two or more foods. Some of of the combinations were quite strange. I chose the two that seemed the safest:

매운치킨밥버거 – Spicy Chicken Rice Burger
돈까쓰참치밥버거 – Pork Cutlet and Tuna Rice Burger

The total came out to 5,000w (~$4.75). I watched the owner prepare my burgers by microwaving pre-packaged rice and meat.

Korea - Bob Burgers - Wrapped

Both of the burgers were quite large. Each was enough for one person. (I still ate both, of course.)


Korea - Bob Burger - Chicken

The “burgers” turned out to be more like balls of rice with meat and sauce in the middle.

Korea - Bob Burger - Messy

I tried to eat the first one by hand. It didn’t go so well. Now I understand why there were free spoons in the restaurant.

I had high hopes for these burgers. Since so many of these places popped up almost overnight, I thought they might be tasty. Unfortunately, they didn’t impress me.

A sad reality in Korea is that the vast majority of restaurant owners are retirees who have no idea how to make good food. They buy into cheap franchises and sell fried or microwaved food. Since this describes most restaurants here, Koreans don’t seem to notice that most of the non-traditional food is awful.

I think I’ll be sticking to traditional Korean food.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Bob Burger

  1. I had the rice burger at Lotteria and it was actually quite good! They take a while to serve, so maybe it’s not just a quick microwave-a-prepared sandwich like the one you tried. That is, if they haven’t changed their standards in 3 years. ~M.

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