Medical Check

Today is an “I hate Korea” day (I don’t really hate Korea…that’s just what I call these days). I’m trying to get a medical check for my Chinese Z (work) visa, but I’m having trouble finding a hospital willing to fill out the form. It’s exactly the same as the Korean medical form, except that it’s in Chinese and English instead of Korean and English.

Apparently my local university hospital has some policy about only filling out medical forms for Korean visas. Given the fact that the girl with whom I spoke was completely rude, I have to wonder if she was just lying to me to avoid a bit of work. Seems like she went to the same customer service school as many other Koreans.

Since all of the foreign service offices at hospitals close at 5pm, and I get off work at 4:30pm, I don’t have the option of trying several hospitals. Wish me luck as I start calling around.

Until next time.


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