Hospital Nightmare

After publishing my last post, a friend got in touch with me and told me about about her crazy experience with the same hospital. Her version is better than anything I could write, so here you go:

I have a hilarious story about Dongsan Hospital.
I went there a few months ago on a weekend for the morning after pill (you need a prescription here)… I fill in all the papers and sit down in the waiting room. Ten minutes later a half dozen doctors come in and start questioning me.
They start off innocent enough: When did you last have sex? When was your last period? Etc.
Then it gets really personal: Who did you have sex with? Did you wash your vagina?
By this point I’m furious! Everyone in the waiting room is listening to the doctors question me.
Another 10-15 minutes of awkward questions. Finally I look at the clipboard the doctor has and it says my birthday is 1998 instead of 1988.
It turns out that they thought I was a child prostitute.
Then they start in on questions about how I got to Korea, why I was here, Etc.
Best part is at the end one of the doctors tried to ask me out. I said, “are you joking? Five minutes ago you thought I was a prostitute!”

I can’t decide if I’m more bothered by the fact that they automatically assumed she was a prostitute or that they asked so many embarrassingly personal questions in front of the whole waiting room.

Oh, Korea…

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Hospital Nightmare

  1. vrlonghorn says:

    Hyosung Hospital near Daegu bank station has an English coordinator who is awesome. It’s a women’s hospital (you might want to tell your friend to try going here next time for her lady needs!), but they also have general medicine. I went there for my EPIK health check at the beginning of the year and it was great (and free!). They work closely with the US military, and the English coordinator walks around with you and makes sure everything goes smoothly. I highly recommend calling her for whatever you need health wise. If she can’t get what you need, then she may be able to recommend another place. Ms.Ku at 053-766-7073.

    • wtl0715 says:

      Wow that’s good advice. I’ll pass it on to my friend. I’ll also give her a call if I have trouble with my health check at 경대병원. Thanks!

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