Road Trip to Andong

Two weekends ago, I took a road trip with a Korean friend. I had a job interview at a university north of Daegu, which is near the historical city of Andong, so we decided to check out the city after my interview. I have some great pictures, and they’re much more interesting than my writing, so I’ll share a few.

We started out by visiting a place called Hahoe Village (하회마을). Pronounced “ha-hway”, this is a traditional Korean village is located about a 30-minute drive from Andong. Many of the buildings appear as they did over 100 years ago. It became one of the country’s premier tourist sites after 1999, when the Queen of England visited.

The views were amazing, but I wasn’t particularly impressed overall because it has become a classic tourist trap. The village is littered with dirty gift shops selling cheap plastic Chinese crap that has nothing to do with the village or Korean history.

Queen Elizabeth visited Hahoe Village

The folks at Hahoe Village were so proud that the Queen of England visited that they built a small museum to commemorate the occasion.

Andong Hahoe Village wooden statues

This dirt road, lined with statues, connected to the main road leading up to the village gate. Notice anything strange?

Andong Hahoe Village wooden penis statues

Yep…them’s peckers.

Andong Hahoe Village 하회마을

This is the main street near the entrance of Hahoe Village.

Andong Hahoe Village 하회마을

This side street in Hahoe had an amazing view of the nearby mountains.

Once we finished the obligatory touristy stuff, we headed to Andong and checked in at our pension. A pension is an old-style guesthouse that is still popular in Korea. Ours was owned an operated by a man whose family can be traced back centuries in Andong.

Andong pension owner

Before we left, the owner came and spoke to us. He showed me his calligraphy skills by writing my name on Chinese on a gift box containing postcards with famous Andong sights. He even agreed to take a picture with me.

Pension building in Andong

This is the building in which we stayed.

Pension room in Andong - Exterior

The room was tiny…

Pension room in Andong - Interior

But it was surprisingly comfortable inside.

On the way out of town, we passed a sign for the longest wooden bridge in Korea – Weolyeong Bridge (월영교). It wasn’t nearly as long as I expected – it only took about three minutes to walk across – but it was beautiful. The mountains in the background made it all the more impressive.

Wolyeonggyo Longest Wooden Bridge in Korea

Wolyeonggyo Longest Wooden Bridge in Korea

If you ever get a chance to visit Andong, I suggest you check out these places. It’s a beautiful city and a nice change of pace after spending time in the big cities.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Andong

  1. Punkin love says:

    Taft this one of the more interesting places because of the pictures!
    Hope you see it all real soon and come hone! Miss you,

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