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Bus Update

My old bus driver is back and I’m really confused.  This won’t mean much to those who haven’t read my previous posts about my old bus driver.  But don’t worry, you can catch up quickly.  Take a look at these posts:

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Now that you’re caught up, I’ll get on with it.  As you know, my bus driver was replaced a few weeks ago.  The new guy was polite, patient and he smiled at me every day.  Translation – he was super boring compared to the old driver.  The new guy drove a different bus, but the new bus was quickly assigned the same number (Bus 6).

Naturally, I assumed that the old guy had been fired.  Given is complete lack of personality, his quick temper and his willingness to pick a fight over just about anything, it seemed inevitable that he would get canned.  But, to my immense surprise, the bus showed up last week with the old driver at the helm.  What the hell?

It was as if he never left.  He avoided eye contact, pushed the button to close the door before I was all the way in and began yelling at drivers before we even merged into traffic.  It was wonderful!  The ride seems much shorter when I’m holding onto the side of my seat, trying not to fall in the floor as the driver weaves back and forth in traffic.  Now that I know a few Korean curse words, it’s fun to listen closely to his rants and try to figure out just how much he hates other drivers.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that, although the bus driver changed, the bus didn’t.  The old bus driver was driving the other guy’s bus (the new one that was recently numbered).  After a few days, I realized that the new bus was slowly beginning to look like the old one.  A few new stickers have appeared on the door, and they’re just as classy as the ones on the old bus.  Even better, it appears that he chose to install a storage rack for beer bottle openers just behind his seat!  This guy is just a badass!

We haven’t had any noteworthy explosions from the current (old) bus driver yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.  I doubt we’ll have to wait very long.

Until next time.


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That Burger Have No Meat

I take pride in my ability to accept Korean culture for what it is and not do like so many westerners – question and judge every aspect of life in Korea that differs from life back home.  But I reached my limit last weekend in Busan.  I have absolutely had it with the complete and total lack of customer service in Korea – especially in restaurants.  I have been amazed by how rare it is to find a restaurant (with the exception of some small, family-owned places) that cares at all about customer satisfaction.

Before heading to the beach on Sunday morning, Scott, Conor, Kelsey and I went to a place called Thursday Party for lunch.  They serve western food and are located convenient to the beach, so it seemed like the perfect option for a relaxing meal.  Little did I know that my blood pressure would be through the roof soon.

We decided to sit inside so that I wouldn’t catch on fire in the sunlight (turns out that was a good choice, considering the fact that I got absolutely fried later).  As with most western(ish) restaurants here, the primary language on the menu was English.  I went straight to the “burgers” section, as I’ve been searching for a good burger in Korea.  I decided to skip the section titled, “For Vegetarian and Beautiful Women.”

I settled on the “Bacon and Egg Burger”.  The burger comes with egg, bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo.  I’ve had a few burgers topped with a fried egg, and they were all good, so I had to give it a shot.  The food came out pretty quickly, but there was some sort of mistake.  Something was missing from my burger.

Where’s the Beef?

That’s right, there was no beef in the burger.  I double-checked the menu, but there was no note warning that the Bacon and Egg Burger is, in fact, not a burger.  Furthermore, the price was just as high as all of the other burgers that were…burgers.  What the hell?

Of course, everybody else thought it was just hilarious that I bought a damn egg sandwich for 8,000 won (~$8).  I tried to get the our waitress’s attention, but that’s nearly impossible.  So, I just sat there and left the burger on the plate.  I wondered how long it would sit there before they would notice or say something to me.

It took about fifteen minutes for the waitress to pass by and notice that my burger hadn’t been touched.  I caught her staring at my plate, but she turned around and walked away as soon as we made eye contact.  About two minutes later, she came back with another waitress in tow.  Our waitress pointed to my plate, they had a short discussion that ended in giggling, and then they walked away.  I was so angry at this point that I could feel my heartbeat in my eyeballs.  The fact that Scott and Conor couldn’t keep a straight face only pissed me off more.

Finally, after all of the other plates were cleared from the table, the waitress came by and addressed the untouched burger:

Waitress:  Do you want burger to-go?
Me:  No, I don’t want it.
Waitress:  …what is wrong?
Me:  I expected a burger…because I ordered a burger.
Waitress:  Oh………that burger have no meat.
Me:  Right.  I know that now.
Waitress:  Ok.

That was it.  She just walked away, as if the problem was solved.  The worst part was that she had the nerve to come over and make sure that I paid the guy at the register.  I have never wanted so badly to slap someone in public, but I settled for glaring at her until she got nervous and walked away.  The manager, who watched the entire exchange, never thought to ask me what was wrong.

I never thought that I would say this, but I think customer service in the US has spoiled me.  But, that’s just the way Korea works, and it’s a minor hangup when I consider all of the things I love about this country.  I guess it will just take some getting used to, because I sure as hell can’t change it.

Until next time.


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It’s Official…

I have a new bus driver.  I’ve kept my fingers crossed for the past few weeks, hoping that the new bus driver is only a temporary replacement for my old friend.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out these posts:  My Bus Driver is a Dick, The School Bus, and Bus Door Photo.

I came to the conclusion yesterday that the replacement is, in fact, my new driver.  When I got on the bus yesterday, I noticed a shiny new “6” on the door of the bus.  I think this is a pretty clear indication that the old driver of bus six finally got canned.

Want to know the worst part?  He’s nice.  Every day, he smiles and says hello.  He waits for me to get all the way into the bus before he starts driving away.  He always closes the door (which is right next to my seat) before flooring it.  He never yells at the kids or other drivers.  This guy is boring.  I need some action!

I will miss the random screaming matches with other drivers, the random screaming matches with other cars that can’t hear him, the sometimes random screaming matches with kids on the bus, and absolute unwillingness to acknowledge my presence unless he needs someone to validate his anger.  I’ll miss the totally tasteless stickers of bikini-wearing big-boobed amazons plastered all over the door.  But most of all I’ll miss the excitement of knowing that, at any moment, he could totally lose his shit on some poor unsuspecting person for no apparent reason.  He might be a dick, but it was always interesting.


RIP old bus driver.

Until next time.


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