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Dog vs. Skunk

I find that cleaning up after a skunk attack is not unlike cleaning up after a murder. You have to be meticulous; a single drop of skunk oil can cause immeasurable suffering. Ask me how I know.


Cleaning up a room after a skunk spray.

Notice the absence of rugs, the candles burning, the mop, the electric floor scrubber, and the fan. In hindsight, the candles and the fan were like bringing a cup of water to a forest fire.


My dog apparently mistook a visiting skunk for her arch-nemesis, Rocky the Raccoon. Rocky steals her food, digs through the trash and stares at her through the window with that smug look that all raccoons have. So when the dog saw a small black animal in the back yard, she pounced.

I never heard spray, but it didn’t take long for me to understand what happened. The dog ran directly into the living room and slid face-first onto the (expensive) rug. A second later, she was rubbing the other side of her face across a different rug. I noticed the long oily streaks on the rug at the same time that the overwhelming smell hit me.

Step 1 – Lock the dog outside.

Dog was sprayed by a skunk.

This is her new home for the foreseeable future.

Step 2 – Use paper towels to soak up oil from the fur.

Soak up skunk oil with paper towel.

She was happy to have someone rub the oil away from her eyes.

Step 3 – Remove everything that she touched. EVERYTHING!

Step 4 – Wash the dog.


Washing a german shepherd dog after a skunk spray.

By the third wash, she was over it.

Step 5 – Shower.

A day later and the smell is starting to fade. I still get whiffs of it a few times an hour. I’m beginning to locate the sources. My briefcase was too close to the action, so it still smells like skunk. My dad, who flew to china 8 hours after this episode, said that his watch band soaked up some of the oil.

After some research, we learned that tomato soup does nothing to get rid of skunk smell. There is, however, a recipe that is said to do wonders. It’s a mix of baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. If it works, I’ll be sure to follow up here and let you know.

Have you ever had a run in with a skunk? Were you able to get rid of the smell? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

Until next time.


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New Decorations

Somehow I’ve overlooked some new decorations in my apartment for over a month. I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t pick up on something so obvious and so awesome that was right in front of my face.

Cats Calendar 2014 on Refrigerator

I’m not even mad…

I can’t wait to see what pops up next!

Until next time.


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Anyone Remember the Scopes Trial?

Last year, I noticed a new advertisement popping up at some of the convenience stores in my neighborhood. There are several versions – each featuring monkey doing human activities.

When combined with the name “Africa Cigarettes”, these advertisements pissed a lot of people off.

Africa Cigarettes - South Korea - Racist

According to a news article I read a few weeks ago, Africa Cigarettes are in hot water after this ad campaign was labeled racist. In response, they agreed to pull this advertising soon. Although I question their definition of “soon”, considering the fact that I read one of these articles weeks ago and took the above picture this morning.

I doubt there was any intention on the part of the company to be racially insensitive, but I find it funny that an entire organization failed to recognize the potential for backlash. I would think that the company would have at least one Gyopo (foreign-born Korean) on their staff.

This problem reminds me of something I read recently. The article, which I can’t find now, discussed the importance of diversity in the business world. The author was not concerned with political correctness or fairness toward minorities. Rather, it said that organizations lacking diversity can be compared to a person wearing blinders.

Considering the lack of diversity in most Korean workplaces, I think this is a great example of that very problem.

Until next time.


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Korean Love Motel #2

G&G Motel  is the second stop in our tour of Korean love motels. I must say – this one was pretty awesome! I was so impressed with VOV, the motel I showed you in Korean Love Motel #1, that I decided to head back to the same neighborhood.

G&G is literally beside VOV, less than fifty feet from one entrance to the other. Just like VOV, this place is near downtown Busan and within easy walking distance to a TON of fun night life near the Seomyeon area. For 60,000 won (~$55) on weekends and 45,000 won (~$40), it’s not a steal, but it’s a decent price for the quality.

Map - G&G Motel Busan

The entrance to G&G wasn’t as flashy or nice as some of the other motels. Frankly, I’m not sure what made me decide to go in and check it out – but I’m glad I did!

Entrance to G&G Motel in Busan

As I mentioned in my last motel post, most Korean love motels have themes. G&G’s theme was a little difficult to pin down – but I think it had something to do with Africa…or animals in general…or movies. Despite the motel’s inability to choose a direction, I was totally impressed with our room. I was assigned to the safari/zebra room.

G&G Motel Busan - Bed

The bed was HUGE and comfortable. To the left of the bed was a huge piece of wood that served as curtains. It completely blacked out the room. Much better than even the best cloth or vinyl curtains!

G&G Motel Busan - Computers and TV

As you can see, the TV was pretty big. The computer, which is a standard love motel amenity, was nice as well. I got a lot of mileage out of the filtered water dispenser and air purifier below the TV.

G&G Motel Busan - Flowers

Although horribly tacky, I liked this decoration that was suspended between two panes of glass that separated the bedroom and bathroom. Then again, tacky is the name of the game in Korean love motels.

The bathroom was the best part of the room. Unlike at VOV, this bathroom was totally separated from the room itself. I liked this added privacy. I also liked the fact that the bathroom was huge – even by American standards.

G&G Motel Busan - Toilet and Shower

On the left is the shower stall. This room had a great rain-style shower. The shower head was about 18″x18″ square. I expected a weak shower, but I was surprised to find that the water pressure was decent despite the size of the shower head. And on the right is my old friend – the Japanese super-toilet!

G&G Motel Busan - Vanity

The vanity was a nice touch. I usually apply my makeup standing up, but if I needed a vanity, this one would have been awesome!

And no Korean love motel room is complete with Engerish. The G&G definitely did not skimp on the Engerish!

G&G Motel Busan - Engerish 2

G&G Motel Busan - Engerish

If you’re ever near downtown in Busan, I suggest you check this place out.

Until next time.


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Cougars in WHAT?

I find that translators work better with some languages than others.  For example – you can plug most Spanish sentences into Google Translate and end up with a fairly clear English message.  Korean, on the other hand, is not so easy.

My school has a program called Cool Messenger.  It is a quick and easy way to chat with other teachers.  It is constantly used to send mass communications to the entire faculty and staff.  I get at least five of these messages each day.  About half of them are pretty short and easy to understand.  The other half require a little help.  I usually plug these into Google Translate.  As a general rule – the longer the message, the funnier the translation:

교직원 식당에 비치되어있는 중식확인란에 제외일 체크 부탁드리겠습니다.
개인적인 용무로 식사를 못하신 경우는 적용되지 않습니다. 
출장과 같은 공적인 사유로 식사를 못하신 경우만 체크 부탁드립니다.

Faculty is on the beach cafeteria lunch except on the check box’ll ask to check.
Does not apply if you have not eating his personal project.
Check ask only public four euros a meal you did not like a business trip.

여고 교과담임선생님께서는 교실에 들어가셔서 해당종목의 선수들을 꼭 확인하시고 내려보내주십시오. 여학생의 경우 여러 학반이 나오기때문에 교과담임선생님의 협조가 없으면 경기진행이 매우 어려워 집니다. 많은 협조 부탁드립니다

Haunted curriculum homeroom teachers in the classroom make sure that sport players go down.  Please send your female students.  The release of several hakban.  If the cooperating teacher’s curriculum because of the progress of the match will be very difficult.  Many thank you for your cooperation.

I can’t even begin to understand what these messages mean.  Apparently we’re having lunch at the beach and there are ghosts at my school.

If you think Google is bad…wait until you see Bing!  Facebook has apparently partnered with Bing to translate all foreign-language Facebook content into English.  Since I have so many new Korean friends, I am constantly using the translator.  This means that I get to see some weird and interesting translations every day.  I found my new favorite today:

I couldn’t possibly think of a joke for this…

Until next time.


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