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Dog vs. Skunk

I find that cleaning up after a skunk attack is not unlike cleaning up after a murder. You have to be meticulous; a single drop of skunk oil can cause immeasurable suffering. Ask me how I know.


Cleaning up a room after a skunk spray.

Notice the absence of rugs, the candles burning, the mop, the electric floor scrubber, and the fan. In hindsight, the candles and the fan were like bringing a cup of water to a forest fire.


My dog apparently mistook a visiting skunk for her arch-nemesis, Rocky the Raccoon. Rocky steals her food, digs through the trash and stares at her through the window with that smug look that all raccoons have. So when the dog saw a small black animal in the back yard, she pounced.

I never heard spray, but it didn’t take long for me to understand what happened. The dog ran directly into the living room and slid face-first onto the (expensive) rug. A second later, she was rubbing the other side of her face across a different rug. I noticed the long oily streaks on the rug at the same time that the overwhelming smell hit me.

Step 1 – Lock the dog outside.

Dog was sprayed by a skunk.

This is her new home for the foreseeable future.

Step 2 – Use paper towels to soak up oil from the fur.

Soak up skunk oil with paper towel.

She was happy to have someone rub the oil away from her eyes.

Step 3 – Remove everything that she touched. EVERYTHING!

Step 4 – Wash the dog.


Washing a german shepherd dog after a skunk spray.

By the third wash, she was over it.

Step 5 – Shower.

A day later and the smell is starting to fade. I still get whiffs of it a few times an hour. I’m beginning to locate the sources. My briefcase was too close to the action, so it still smells like skunk. My dad, who flew to china 8 hours after this episode, said that his watch band soaked up some of the oil.

After some research, we learned that tomato soup does nothing to get rid of skunk smell. There is, however, a recipe that is said to do wonders. It’s a mix of baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. If it works, I’ll be sure to follow up here and let you know.

Have you ever had a run in with a skunk? Were you able to get rid of the smell? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

Until next time.


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Dog Do

There’s a new sign in the East Gate neighborhood, which I walk through every day on the way to work. Yet another reminder that Korean business owners tend to overestimate their English skills.

Dog Do

I guess that’s one reason to open a dog-related business. Gross!

Until next time.


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Kimbap Selling People

I have become something of a kimbap connoisseur over the past year. For those who don’t know, kimbap is a Korean dish that looks like a sushi roll. In my old neighborhood I had a favorite kimbap shop that I visited every day. When I moved a few weeks ago, I began looking for a new place to frequent. I found a decent kimbap shop near my school a few days ago. The woman who runs the restaurant is very nice and the food is good. The best thing about this place is the name.


Like many Korean businesses, this name doesn’t leave much to the imagination. 김밥 파는 사람들 translates to “Kimbap Selling People.” Frankly, I find Korean business names refreshing. With the exception of some nightclubs, you know exactly what a place is offering before you step inside. If the name isn’t something like “Toast” or “Noodle Restaurant” (both near my apartment), then there is a giant dancing cartoon pig or chicken painted on the sign. The only exception to this, according to one of my new roommates is a 보신탕 (dog soup restaurant). The signs for these places don’t have dancing cartoon dogs – just pictures of lush meadows and rolling hills. This makes me wonder what I’ve been adding to my ramen noodles lately when I steal his mystery meat from the freezer. Until next time. -Taft

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